Getting a Dental Crown? Here’s what you can expect from your visit

So, you’re thinking about coming in for a Dental Crown in Ashburton? That’s great! Dental Crowns are a popular option in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. In just one or two appointments you will go back to eating your favorite food without pain and smiling freely in the open.

Dental Crown Treatment Procedure in Ashwood Dental

If you want to know how the Dental Crown procedure goes, keep reading on.

Greetings and Meetings

Meet and chat with our friendly receptionist upon entry. Then together with our Ashburton dentists, we will have a consultation. Ask any questions you like during this time. If you are anxious about the treatment, we will walk you through our numerous sedation options.


Once you are happy with what you’ve heard, we will undergo an assessment of your overall oral health, and most importantly the tooth that requires the crown.


After it’s established the crown is the best option, we will start sculpting your teeth. For the crown to fit perfectly all bacteria must be removed and the tooth to be shortened.

Designing the Crown

For a natural look, the shade of the crown is chosen and either made on the day of the appointment or sent to a lab, depending on the situation.

Inserting the Crown

The crown is placed, and the bite is assessed.

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