Dental Crown & Bridge

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Dental Crown & Bridge in Ashburton and Ashwood

The best way to instantly strengthen your smile while also protecting your oral health is with a crown. Our expert team has spent years performing this procedure, which is why so many patients are satisfied with their results. Our cosmetic dentist in Ashburton may recommend this solution for you if you are experiencing decay and may benefit from extra support.

What is a dental crown treatment?

Weak teeth can continue to decay, break, or crack. A dental crown can protect and hold together a weak or decaying tooth. It is a durable tooth cap that is adhered to your teeth to support and replace the weak or decaying outer layer.

Here are just a few other things that this cosmetic treatment can help with:

Dental Crown and Bridge

What is the application process?

At Ashwood Dental, we value communication and transparency. We endeavour to make our process easy to understand and simple to accomplish by talking out clients through each step.

First is the consultation: This is where you meet with one of our expert dentists to discuss the treatment in-depth. Come with any questions or concerns that you may have, and our dental professionals can collaborate with you on practical solutions. At this point, we will set dates for your treatment (it will take 2-3 appointments to complete).

The next step is where our team examines your teeth: We look at the colour and positioning of your teeth. This is because we want to ensure our crown can easily blend in with the rest of your pearly whites. We pride ourselves on finding the perfect match for your mouth, for a full, natural smile.

Upon the date of the procedure: Our team will remove the outside of your tooth to make room for insertion, or create a crown bridge on the worn teeth. Patients are welcome to take advantage of local anaesthesia to prevent pain to the tooth and gum during the treatment.

After this comes the impression step. We use impression paste and a scanner to create your custom crown in Ashwood and Ashburton, fitted right to the size of your tooth. After this, it will take 10-14 days to arrive. In the meantime, we can insert a temporary version.

Your final appointment: This consists of removing the temporary version and inserting the permanent one. You leave this appointment ready to smile confidently for the rest of your life!

How long do dental crowns last?

While your temporary version is just that, temporary, your final inserted version will be permanent. A permanent crown lasts between 5 and 15 years, depending on certain factors. These include your oral health habits, your overall health, and your eating habits.

How much does the treatment cost?

Dental crowns tend to cost more than temporary procedures like tooth fillings. This is because this mechanism is a longer-term investment. The material it is made of will determine the price, as well as what it is used for, and the state of your tooth when you have it put in.

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At Ashwood Dental, we want to find solutions that fit your smile perfectly. Your oral health is our primary focus, which means our Ashburton dental team will work with you to determine whether this treatment is in your best interest. Book your consultation today to find out if a crown could help you with pain, decay, and overall oral health.