What can you eat with Clear Aligners

‘Will I have problems with eating or drinking?’ is one of the biggest concerns that people in Ashburton have when they consider orthodontic devices like clear aligners or braces. Here’s everything you need to know about eating during your Invisalign treatment period.

1. You should NOT eat while you are wearing clear aligners

Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners like Invisalign and Clear Correct are wearable orthodontic devices. This means you can easily take your aligners off anytime you need to eat or clean your teeth. The best thing about this is that it means you do not need to restrict your diet or worry about food getting stuck in your aligners!

2. The no-eating rule includes lollipops, fairy floss, rock candy, and confectionery

foods that can damage your aligners

There are numerous ways that lollies and confectionery products can damage your veneers. It comes down to the ingredients they are made from and the fact that they can stick to your aligners. 

The high sugar content in sweets can damage your aligners and then the other major culprit is the artificial colours or dyes. Pigmented foods can stain your natural teeth and they can also stain and discolour clear aligners. So, if you value keeping your Invisalign clear aligners as invisible as possible, make sure to take off your aligners before you indulge in any sweets.

3. Chewing gum is not an exception

Some sugar-free mints might be safe to have while wearing aligners but for the most part, neither mints or gum is an exception to the no-eating rule. Again, this is due to sugar, flavour enhancers and colours that are often included in the ingredients. The other reason is that gum can get stuck in your aligners!

4. What happens if I eat while wearing clear aligners?

To reiterate, you should NOT eat food while wearing clear aligners, they are not designed to be used while eating. It is uncomfortable and risks damaging your aligners. Before you eat a meal, snack or drink (other than water), take off your aligners and put them back on after you have finished eating and have cleaned your teeth. 

If you accidentally eat while wearing your aligners, do not worry too much. Doing so as a one-off is unlikely to cause significant damage. If this happens, take a quick look at your aligners to rule out damage and give them a thorough clean as soon as you can. Just don’t make a habit of eating or drinking while wearing your Invisalign.

5. Foods and drinks that can seriously damage aligners

Be especially careful with the following foods and drinks during your clear aligners treatment period. Once you have finished eating or drinking any of the below foods, take extra care in cleaning your teeth before you put your aligners back on. 

  • Pigmented foods cause staining and discolouration
    Examples: coffee, black tea, red wine, cola, coloured soft drinks, smoothies
  • Hot food and drinks can damage aligners by warping the plastic
    Examples: hot tea, hot chocolate, soups, and any dish served boiling or hot
  • Chewy or sticky foods can get stuck in or under your aligners
    Examples: steak, bread products, lollies, or chewing gum
  • Biting hard or crunchy foods can damage aligners or pop them out of place
    Examples: nuts, seeds, chips, rock candy, pretzels, popcorn, etc

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