How much does a dental implant cost in Chadstone?

Dental implants are a popular restorative dental treatment that can truly transform your smile. They are the only permanent solution for missing teeth and can fully restore the function of your mouth so that you can speak and chew comfortably. Naturally, one of the most common questions our dentists receive about dental implants is how much they cost. Here’s a brief summary of what goes into the costs and what you may expect to pay in Chadstone.

The quick answer regarding Dental Implant cost

Like any major dental procedure, dental implant costs vary depending on a patient’s personal treatment plan. While we can provide an average range, getting a professional consultation with a dentist Chadstone is the only way to get an accurate estimate of what dental implants will cost for your situation. 

Factors that affect the overall cost of dental implants in Chadstone include all of the following:

1. How many implants are you getting?

Dental implant treatment costs are usually calculated per tooth. So, a patient who only needs a single implant to replace one missing tooth can generally expect to pay less than a patient who will require multiple implants to support dentures or a dental bridge.

2. The complexity of the surgery 

While the process of getting implants is fairly complex; consisting of multiple appointments over a period of months, some implant patients will require more complex procedures than others. For example, some patients will require getting extractions while others may require additional procedures such as bone graft surgery before they can get implants. All of these will incur significant extra costs for the patient. 

3. Your private health insurance coverage 

Dental implants, like most dental treatments, are unfortunately not covered by Medicare in Australia. They may, however, be included in certain private health insurance policies. If this is the case, it may only be a partial coverage for the implant procedure. 

If you have private health insurance, have a look at your “extras” policy under “major dental” – this is where dental implants might be included. Of course, to get further clarity on this you will need to reach out to your private health fund directly. 

What is the average price range for dental implants in Chadstone?

In Australia, the typical cost of dental implants can range from about $2,000 to $7,000 per implant. To get a better idea of what implants might cost you at a Chadstone dental clinic, or to discuss available payment options such as pay-in-instalment schemes, contact our local Chadstone dentists at Ashwood Dental today. 

Book A Dental Implant Consultation in Chadstone

If you are missing one or multiple teeth and are considering getting implants, or would like to learn more information about the surgery, contact our friendly team at Ashwood Dental today or book a consultation online. Our Chadstone dentists are highly experienced in implant dentistry in addition to a comprehensive range of other restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments.