Teeth Whitening Ashburton

Professional Teeth Whitening

Are DIY teeth whitening kits disappointing you with their lacklustre results? You can still get the pearly white look, with our teeth whitening services here at Ashwood Dental!

Why You May Need Teeth Whitening Services

Many things can dim the brightness of your smile, for example:

If discolouration has your smile turning upside down, our whitening products can help. They break stains down into smaller pieces, so you end up with a whiter and much brighter smile.

To provide the best teeth whitening service in Ashburton, our dental experts offer two ways to help you achieve whiter teeth:

Learn more about these different methods to figure out which one will work best for you!

Zoom In-Chair Whitening | Teeth Whitening in Ashwood

Our Zoom In-Chair procedure is completed in one visit, so you don’t have to worry about attending multiple appointments or keeping up with treatments at home! It’s quick and easy.

A qualified Ashwood Dental professional will begin by shielding off your gums and lips and then, appl;ying a powerful gel to your teeth. Your dental professional will then emit a special ‘Zoom’ light into your teeth. The gel and light work together to bring your teeth to a white shade than before! Zoom teeth whitening will give you a brighter smile you’ll want to flaunt to the world.

What Results Can I Expect to See?

The results of teeth whitening in Ashwood will vary from patient to patient. The final shade of your teeth is dependent on factors like the type of treatment you choose and what shade your teeth were at the beginning of treatment. Our experienced team of cosmetic dentists in Ashwood will work with you to achieve a natural-looking, radiant smile! Why wait? Book an appointment with us so you can get started.

Professional Teeth Whitening Services vs. Supermarket Products

So what’s the difference? 

Well, our dental professionals in Ashwood have access to highly concentrated whitening products that are packed with powerful ingredients. We apply them with expertise and great care to enhance your smile.

Whitening products from your local supermarket or drug stores don;t have the same high-quality ingredients and thus, you may get a lacklustre result. Plus, misuse of these products can cause temporary or permanent damage to your teeth and gums.

Don’t risk your precious smile! Instead, contact our dental professionals today to book an appointment. We can chat about the teeth whitening cost at our dental clinic and answer any questions you have. With great care and expertise, we can safely help you achieve a whiter smile!

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