Does dental insurance expire?

The short answer is, yes! The more important question you should be asking is, when does dental insurance end?

Almost all major health funds reset their dental insurance at the beginning of each new year. Some dental benefit plans reset in different months, but they all reset annually. This means, for most of you, your dental insurance benefits are about to expire!

Do you have private health insurance with dental insurance benefits?

It is the time of year for you to make the most of your remaining dental benefit plan in Ashburton, at Ashwood Dental. If you are paying a monthly fee for your health insurance, why waste your included benefits?

How to make the most of your dental benefit plan before the end of the year.

Once you have found out what you are eligible for from your health insurance provider, we recommend scheduling your next check up at our affordable dentist in Ashburton ASAP. You can then pre-book your 6 monthly visits to stay on top of your dental health.

Why do you need a check-up?

Not only are you generally entitled to a check up in your dental benefit plan, but the more you maintain, the more money you will save. Dental emergencies can be costly, so the best way to stop them from happening is prevention. Regularly brushing your teeth, along with flossing, is a fantastic start, but even with regular oral hygiene care at home, you should still get professional check-ups and cleans twice a year.

During a professional check up, your dentists at Ashwood Dental will:

  • Remove any tartar and plaque build-up
  • Thoroughly and safely brush your gums
  • Be able to pinpoint abnormalities 
  • Put together a treatment plan to prevent dental concerns from advancing

At Ashwood Dental, we offer a cost effective dental service in Ashburton, call (03) 9885 2712 to talk to our wonderful staff about payment plans at Ashwood Dental. 

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