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Dental Crowns & Bridges in Ashburton

Take the right step towards protecting your oral health with a dental crown! Our experienced team of dentists are great at performing this procedure, which is why we have so many satisfied patients. If you’re dealing with tooth decay, our cosmetic dentists in Ashwood may recommend this procedure for you as it may aid you with extra support.

What is a dental crown treatment?

Dental crowns are an excellent way of protecting your oral health. If your teeth are quite weak, it may lead to other problems such as decay, breaking or cracking. A dental crown is essentially a tooth cap, which is adhered to your teeth, so it holds together your weak or decaying tooth.

Here’s just a few other things that our dental crowns, here at Ashwood Dental can do:

What is the application process of dental crowns in Ashburton?

At Ashwood Dental, we value and pride ourselves on our strong communication and transparency. We are dedicated to making our dental process easy to understand by being extremely thorough with our clients. 

To begin, we start with a consultation: you’ll meet one of our expert dentists who will discuss all the ins and outs of your treatment. You’ll find your answers for any of your burning questions or concerns here! We’ll finalise the dates for your appointments throughout your treatment. 

The next step is where our team looks at your teeth and evaluates their situation: We’ll look at the colour and positioning of your teeth, so that we can ensure that your crown blends easily with your remaining teeth.

Upon the date of the procedure: The outside of your tooth will be removed so that we can provide some room for the insertion for your dental crown or, we may create a crown bridge on the worn teeth. We offer local anaesthesia as well if patients are worried about any pain that they may experience to their tooth or surrounding gum. 

After this, is the impression step. For your custom dental crown, we use an impression of your tooth so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. As we’re waiting for the crown to arrive, we will insert a temporary version. 

Your final appointment: Following 10 – 14 days, your customised dental crown will be fitted into place!

How long do dental crowns last?

While your temporary version is just that, temporary, your final inserted version is designed to last you between 5 and 15 years, depending on certain factors such as your oral health maintenance, your overall health and any eating habits which may damage your crowns.

How much do dental crowns in Ashburton’s treatment cost?

The dental crown cost in Ashburton is slightly more expensive than temporary procedures like tooth fillings. This is due to the longer-term investment of dental crowns. Also, the type of material your crown is made of also contributes to the price, as well as what is used for and what the initial state of your tooth was, before the crown is fitted.

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