Complex Dental Procedures

Root canal treatment

This involves treating truamatised or infected pulps of root canals. The infected pulp tissue is removed and the canal space cleaned. The canal space is then completely filled with a thermoplastic material. Following this step, the access opening to the tooth is closed and the tooth observed for a few weeks before a permanent restoration is placed . This procedure can take up to three visits.


Crown and Bridge Work

Crowns are used to re-inforce weak teeth. They are also used to complete root canal treatment. A bridge is another method of replacing missing teeth using the teeth on either side as anchor teeth. Dr Jayaweera and his team can advise you which is the most appropriate method for replacing missing teeth and giving you a complete smile.


Gum disease

There are many causes of diseased gum tissue. It can be something simple such as bad oral hygiene, but it can progress to serious conditions such as acute ulcerative gingivitis. Dr Jayaweera has vast experience in assessing periodontal disease (gum disease) and can advise you of the best treatments available.